Photos: Kaduna Assembly rejects commissioner nominee for criticizing Governor El-Rufai on Facebook years ago

Aliyu AbubakarJa’afar as , one of the commissioners nominated by Governor Nasir el-Rufai, was rejected by the Kaduna State Assembly over his criticism of Nasir El Rufai’s policies in 2017.


Speaker of the House Assembly, Aminu Shagali, during the screening exercise which held at the state house of Assembly complex, told his colleagues that Aliyu Ja’afar in 2017 criticized El Rufai in a Facebook post, saying there was nothing like making Kaduna great again, but a deceptive cliche used in deceiving Kaduna people.

Governor Nasir El-Rufai adopted the slogan ‘Greater Kaduna” when he assumed office in 2015.


“You criticized the same administration that is about to employ you now in one of your posts on Facebook. You said there’s nothing good about the education policy and attacked the governor. 

”The governor still chose you based on merit. Your CV was chosen among 10 CVs presented to the governor. Do you think it’s honourable to accept this nomination? To work for an administration whom you think is a bad one?”

In your Facebook account, you said there is nothing like making Kaduna state great again, it is a deceptive cliche used by politicians to deceive the masses, we will make Kaduna great at appropriate time,” the speaker said.

You said it is a responsibility for those who are truly sincere not for those who are inherently sarcastic. You also said el-Rufai must learn to tackle issues with human face. You said you are an advocate of change that goes to the root and cause (of a problem) not only the symptoms.

“You also said in the same post: stop comparing me with el-Rufai who thinks he is more intelligent than intelligence itself. You however said you are a humble human being that believes that all that glitters is not gold there is nothing authoritarian in insisting on the truth and never speak truth.

“You also said that you detest insincerity as there are better ways of genuinely solving problems.” the speaker told Aliyu

The house thereafter unanimously rejected his nomination, saying that the evil men do live after them. The House spokesperson said Jafar had been a critic of the El Rufai administration and should have no place to serve in the same government.

See Aliyu’s post where he criticised the governor below.

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