Man cries out as wife gets pregnant for her uncle

A heartbroken man Luke Mareya, from Harare, Zimbabwe, has accused his wife of having been impregnated by her own uncle.

According to H-Metro, Mareya exposed his wife Elizabeth Jasi’s secret when he dragged her to court seeking a protection order.

Mareya told the court he no longer loves her wife.

“She broke my heart; she was impregnated by her uncle and all along she has been lying to me that the son belonged to her ex-husband.

“They frequently see each other and the issue came to light when her uncle’s wife revealed it to me that I was staying with her husband’s son.

“She does not want to discuss the issue and she has the tendency of beating me up. I have sustained injuries due to her violent actions.

“She emotionally abuses her uncle’s wife and she does not even respond to her greetings.

“I took the matter to my in-laws who then demanded $1000 for ‘lobola’ before any discussion,” Mareya said.

Jasi, on the other hand, did not dispute the allegations made against her by her husband but counter accused him of being abusive.

She said: “I am going to beat up that aunt because of her gossip.

“I still love my husband. Your Worship, he is harassing and insulting me; some of the things he is saying are correct and some of them are lies.

Presiding Magistrate Tafadzwa Miti ruled in favour of the husband and ordered Jasi to observe peace towards him.

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