Photos: Newborn baby left outside orphanage because the mother died during delivery

Read the report below:

Travails of a One week old baby

The joy of every nursing mother is to behold to countenance of her bundle of joy at birth but when she dies while bringing life it raises so much concerns and in other climes the child is seen as bad luck.

Be that as it may, every child is a blessing from God no matter the circumstance in which the child came to the world.

The yet to be christened baby as seen in the photo below is a victim of circumstance. His mum, a native of Bassa Kuomo, Abuja, died in the process of giving birth to him.

Bassa Kuomo, it must be noted, is among the 44 villages in Abuja still practicing the killing of tiwns as well burying children whose mum died in the process of giving birth to them.

For the villagers who are mainly traditionalists and are yet to embrace Christianity, any child that is giving birth to and the mum dies in the process is considered evil and he is buried with the mum.
This new born baby was dumped last Monday, June 17, 2019 at the premises of Vine Hope Rescue Home, Kuje, Abuja.

This baby like many others have been rescued and kept at the Rescue Home for safe keeping and returned back when the management of the Home is sure that such practices have stopped.

The baby who has not tasted breast milk needs all the support to stay alive.

Vine Heritage Rescue Home is a home to no fewer than 156 children rescued from communities in Abuja still practicing killing of babies.

According to some of the natives of Abuja, the killing of the babies at birth bring bountuful harvest and remove all forms of bad luck from their communties as they pay homage to their deity.

It would be recalled that the FCT administration under Bala Mohammed carried out an investigation in these communities and came out with its report titled, Infanticide in Abuja” in 2013.

The report which took the administration 6 months to carry out, shut the mouths of some natives of Abuja who had carried out a protest on Pastor 

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