Anglican priest caught red-handed sleeping with colleague’s wife

Anglican priests in Zimbabwe: a sex scandal is rocking the church

A sex scandal is rocking an Anglican diocese in Zimbabwe after a reverend was caught red-handed with the wife of his colleague.

The incident happened in the Anglican Church Diocese of Manicaland, according to a report by Zim Morning Post. 

Zim Morning Post identified the adulterous reverend as Position Chikuruwo of St. Emmanuel Anglican Church in Mutare. He was caught in a compromising position with Lynnette Manyumwa who is married to a fellow reverend Talent Makanga.

While the church headed by Bishop Eric Ruwona has been trying to conceal the embarrassment, Makanga and his wife have separated.

A family member of Makanga confirmed to the paper: “Yes we can confirm that this (sexual act) happened. As we speak right now they (Talent Makanga and Lynnette Manyumwa) are on separation, as divorce processes are ongoing.” 

At a meeting to reconcile the priests last weekend, Rev. Chikuruwo, who is married, stunned the the gathering of church and family members that he was not the only one in the church having affairs with Lynette Manyumwa and he named two other reverends and a church member.


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