Asoluka Reacts To His Rumored Appointment As Commissioner Of Finance By Ihedioha

Imo: Asoluka debunks rumoured inclusion on Ihedioha’s commissioners’ list

Frontline Imo politician and renowned policy consultant, Dr. Chris Asoluka, has debunked the rumoured list of appointments trending on the social media, alleging to have been compiled by Imo State governor, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, which includes his name among many others.

Dr. Asoluka former Imo State Commissioner for Finance and Economic Planning, refuted the peddled rumour through his social media handles, precisely Facebook and Instagram earlier in the week.

Okwuruoha noted that inasmuch as it’s an honour to serve his people, he felts the need to hastily put an end to the wild speculation for a number of reasons.

In his post, he wrote: “First, I am pressed to inform my friends, including the young enquirer, that I’m rather not amused that after 25 years I had served Imo State in same capacity, someone is still anticipating that I get re-appointed. Imo is our own. No matter my love for Imo, if in my mid-thirties I was privileged to be appointed to that position, then our millennial generation deserves to be given a chance.

“My abiding faith in their potentials and the promise Imo holds for us must compel me, and indeed some of us, to always be available when genuinely invited by credible leaders, such as the incumbent, to join in his Rebuild Imo Agenda. This is why a number of us are available and willing to offer whatever support and solution, by way of advice and consultation.

“Finally this response is to drive home my long-held belief and message that, “it’s not only when one gets appointed or elected into office that he or she can be useful to his people. No! Leadership is not a position although it could strengthen its wings. I conclude by putting it straight, I’m not hoping and cannot accept to be a commissioner anymore,” he explained.

Following different reactions the post had generated, especially from the young people, he went further to explain that there was no intention to undermine anybody’s decision in accepting an appointment, also as he had no doubt in the credibility of those appointed so far by the governor.

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