Yaba BRT Terminal: Another Abandoned Project?

The question on the lips of those that ply through the Yaba-Oyingbo is when will the Lagos State Government finish this BRT Terminal? The Yaba BRT Terminal is one of the many abandoned projects by the former governor of Lagos State, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode. The project which ought to have been completed since August 2018 has been left untouched as the workers and the contractors have deserted the site of this building.

The Yaba BRT was designed to link those in the mainland to the Island that is those are within Yaba, Oyingbo, Unilag, Ojuelegba among others can have an easy catch up with BRT services. AutoReportNG visited this site in September last year and we saw the manner at which work is on-going at a fast pace, we thought the place will be ready before Christmas for commissioning but alas, work stopped, materials were abandoned, even the roof that was nearly fixed has been left unattended to.

We got to Yaba for an inspection over the weekend and its a pity that our dear Yaba BRT Terminal has been deserted. Weeds have taken over some of the building as most of the materials for the construction was left wasting away. The granite, the sands are all in the open with only few left.

It will take the order of Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu to make these contractors go back on site and finish up on this site. We can report that work on this place is about 65% which means just some little touches and this place will be up and running.

These are images from our assessment.

The Prototype

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