Lady With Huge Fibroid Gives Birth To Twin Girls After 6 Years Of Waiting

Nigerian actress, Monalisa Chinda Coker give glory to God after a woman with Fibroid which weighed 3.85kg gave birth to beautiful twin girls after 6 years of waiting. Gistvic Reports.

Monalisa said the lady had been waiting for 6 years after taken several herbal drugs with meds made from cow feaces but God surprised her with twin girls.

She wrote:

“God of wonders has done it again.
If you have followed our page.
We told you a story about a lady who had huge Fibriod and been married over 6 years. She had taken all sorts of herbal drugs Even one of the meds was made from cow faceces
Today our joy knows no bound. She came to see few months after we took our her Fibriod which weighed 3.85kg.
For your trouble I will give you double
God surprised her with twin girls
On the 1st of June, after 6 years of waiting
She was delivered of her identical twins God has given us great credence to our love story
God did it again.
To God alone be all the glory”

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